What is BarkerNet Online All About?

If I’m honest, I’m not too sure what this place will turn into. For the now (and possibly ever) It will be a place to document my projects and jot down my personal thoughts in the blog area. My current interests are electronics, my android phone, most other technology and mountain biking. Electronics wise, I’m a self taught novice with particular interest in PIC Micro’s and Arduino’s. And being an ex. alarm engineer, I’m always trying to find a way to mix electronics with security systems. I have also always had a keen interest in programming and web development. Again, I am looking at mixing electronics with these interests. Hopefully the Arduino will help me do this relatively easily. Put all three (Security, programming and Electronics) together and what do you get. SEM or Security Ethernet Monitoring.

Why barkernetonline.co.uk

This one is easy. Since time began I have called my home LAN’s ‘BarkerNet’. Barker being my surname. I have brought my presents ‘online’, so added that and then .co.uk as it’s cheaper than .com……simples!